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Efficient Service Dog Training

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hi everyone this week I want to pick upwhere we left off last week talking about what makes for really goodtraining, and start talking about how to create a super effective and superefficient training session using the idea of loopy training. Now what exactlyis

meet my service dog

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*very dry snaps* I can't snap with this hand. Oh, you-you're getting comfortable? This is my service dog!! Ooo big yawn. yes, a big yawn. I just wanted to make a video to introduceyou all to my beautiful new doggo. This is Maua. It's

A Service Dog’s Day Off

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Hey, Everybody. Welcome to another episode of DOG VLOG! You working hard or hardly. Merkin? * *T-H-E-M-E---M-U-S-I-C * * Make sure you guys subscribe to this YouTube channel. If you're new here, or if you're old here and you're n-not committing cuz you got

What is a service dog?

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Hey there ~pAw SqUaD~! Welcome to Paws and Love, my name's NJ, this is my service dog Hero, and today we're going to talk about what is a service animal and what it means to me. So, in the United States, a service animal