What is a service dog?


Hey there ~pAw SqUaD~! Welcome to Paws and Love, my name's NJ, this is my service dog Hero, and today we're going to talk about what is a service animal and what it means to me.

So, in the United States, a service animal is an animal trained to perform specific tasks that mitigate the person's or the handler's disability.

For me, this means that Hero performs tasks like medical alert, he does mobility tasks, and he also performs psychiatric service animal tasks as well.

By law, a service animal is medical equipment, meaning that he is regarded as the same thing as a wheelchair or an oxygen tank.

He is considered the same type of 'device' legally.

That is because that is the reason that service animals are allowed in grocery san style="text-decoration: underline;">toan>res, but pets aren't, because he is no different than an oxygen tank coming in with their person, so to speak.

Now that we have the official stuff out of the way, I'm gonna talk about what Hero means an style="text-decoration: underline;">toan> me, and an style="text-decoration: underline;">toan> me, Hero is a life saver.

Before I had Hero, I was holed up in the house, I would skip school, I wouldn't go to events, I was losing friends, I was.

not talking an style="text-decoration: underline;">toan> anyone, I was having horrible, awful panic attacks, I wouldn't be- I was in the ER constantly for my migraines it was a nightmare! And not something I would wish on.

anyone for that matter.

And then after I got Hero, I started.

going outside again and talking an style="text-decoration: underline;">toan> my friends again and being in the hospital less often because he was alerting an style="text-decoration: underline;">toan> my migraines and.


he has made.

such a big difference in my life that I.

wouldn't be able to be here without him and I probably would have already.

Well, I'm not going an style="text-decoration: underline;">toan> talk about that.

The service dog is calm.

They're always there, and they are super loving.

So Hero is a super lovey boy.

Aren't you just a super lovey puppy? My super lovey puppy.

Um and they have an style="text-decoration: underline;">toan> be.

always there, right by my side.

For me, having a service dog, despite everyone saying that it draws attention, and it makes you look weird, it's one of the only things that makes me feel normal, and I know that sounds weird to a lot of you guys, but like I just said, before I had Hero, I was losing my sense of life.

I was losing my will to live.

I was losing.


I was losing the ability an style="text-decoration: underline;">toan> go to school, I had lost the ability to go grocery shopping.

I couldn't do basic things for myself, and.

that was.


It was horrible, and I- it's just you're numb.

You've lost your humanity, almost, and.

For me, having Hero in my life, having a service dog, has made me feel normal again, because now I CAN go out with my friends, I can go an style="text-decoration: underline;">toan> Disneyland, I can do fun things, I can go grocery shopping, and for someone who doesn't have a disability, going grocery shopping is probably the last thing you like doing, but for me, it's amazing because previously, I couldn't even walk in the door.

I have to throw a little bit of salt in here, so let me just add that service dogs are NOT YOURS, not anyone else's.

He's mine.

He's here for me, and he will always ONLY be here for me and.

one of the main things that Hero is an style="text-decoration: underline;">toan> me and that a service dog is to their handler is their best friend.

Hero is without a doubt my best friend.

He and I have a bond that I don't think I could have with anyone else.

His bond with me is.

different than any bond I've ever experienced, and it's the strongest friendship I've ever had.

And without him, like I said, without him, I'm not sure that I would still be here today.

Being able to have this YouTube channel and talk to you guys about all these things and make connections and friends and.

Well, you get my point.

For all of you that are service dog handlers, down below in the comments, let me know if these things are true for you and your service dog as well.

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I hope you guys enjoyed this video.

I know Hero and I enjoyed filming it, and we will see you guys next time on Paws and Love.

Stay 'paw'some, y'all.

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