How to Train Puppies : How to Clean Puppy Dog Ears


Hi! This is Elise McMahon for Expert Village.

Comand in this video series we are talking about puppy care.

We have just begun the groomingseries and we have just talked about brushing.

Now we are going to talk about now ear care.

So you want to get your puppy at a young age used to having her or his ears cleaned.

Ihave got an ear cleaning solution right here and I have got cotton balls and what I amgoing to do is, come here Sweetie, … give the puppy something to do, while I am cleaningthe ears this way.

So I am putting some of the ear cleaning solution on the cotton ball.

Once I have got it nice and soaked, pick up the puppy’s ear and wipe in there.

We aregoing to wipe the outside of the ear, top part of the ear rather and you want to godown and clean out the inside.

It is coming out pretty clean and we can do the next one.

Again, you soak a new cotton ball.

If the ears are dirty, which they really should notbe in a puppy ear, but if they have had an infection they are.

One, you want to makesure that as you are cleaning you are using new cotton ball each time, but two, you wouldwant to take your puppy to the vet and have some medicine.

So we are going to do the nextear, again I am just going to clean the top ear, clean down into the ear.

Do not go toofar down into the ear, but you can go further in a puppy’s ear than in a human’s ear.

You should probably do this about once a week with your puppy just to keep the ears niceand clean again.

Check for any strange smell and check for any strange color on the cottonballs.

These ones really are fine so there is no indication that the puppy has any kindof ear infection.

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