How Often Should You Feed Your Dog


how often should you feed your dog best time to feed a dog ion: underline;">how many times a day should dogs eat hi it's AlaskaGranny and my dog AlaskaSammy are you wondering ion: underline;">how often you should feed your dog most experts recommend feeding your dog two times a day in the morning and the evening a few more feedings are necessary if your dog is still a puppy sometimes we need to teach our pets about mealtime we need to teach them that that is when meals are going to be offered if you've recently adopted a dog it may be nervous about being in a new home maybe it's never been on a schedule and you need to teach it what to expect in your home regular meal time helps your dog develop a regular schedule the best way to feed them is to place their bowl on the floor and leave it there for 10 minutes most dogs will usually go immediately to their bowl and eat it up but some dogs are shy or they just need to learn that that's when mealtime is so leave the bowl down for 10 minutes and then even if your dog is not done if he's left the area and is no longer interested in eating pick up the dog dish and the meal time is over then at the next meal do the same thing put down his bowl or dish with his food in it leave it there for 10 minutes after a time your dog will learn this is the routine of eating at your house one of the benefits of teaching your dog when is mealtime is then you can take him out for his walk and he learns to pee and poop on schedule as well dogs who eat on a routine schedule tend to poop on a routine schedule and that can be real convenient especially if you need to leave your dog when you go out for the day if your dog is going to be staying at home all day you don't want him picking away at food and not knowing when it's mealtime and when it's potty time teaching your dog about routine helps his body get into a rhythm and the routine also helps you monitor your pet that way you will know if he stopped eating or he's become picky one of the first signs that a pet is ill is when he isn't eating and then you'll know it may be time to contact your veterinarian another benefit of not leaving food out all day is you avoid problems from pests ants roaches mice that may see the food and be attracted to it ones that you don't want in your home try putting your pet on a schedule of regular meals two times a day and see if it doesn't help his life be a little happier and healthier please subscribe to the AlaskaSammy channel.

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