How Much Raw Food Should My Dog Eat?


I think one of the real beauties of raw feedingis, the fact, that your dog will pretty much self-regulate in terms of their flexibilitythere is very different to feeding other types of food.

And so, I think Britain has got apet obesity epidemic, that's just undeniable now.

And the reality is that overweight dogsdie young, and having a dog who is grossly overweight is as cruel as having a dog thatis usually underweight.

In fact, the reality is the overweight dog will meet its end beforethe underweight dog does.

And so, one of the real advantages and beautiesof feeding raw food is you don't need to worry too much about how much you give them.

I thinkif any one of us was to look at a plate of meat, no matter how hungry we were, therewould be a limit as to how ine;">much we could eat before our bodies kind of say, "That's enough.

I'm full.

" The same is exactly true of our dogs, so there may be an adjustment periodwhere you get your dog onto a raw diet, where they may over eat, you haven't got to worryabout it.

Because eventually you can feed your dog as much raw food as it can handle,and it will only eat as much as it can handle.

So, for anybody thinking about feeding rawthat's really worried about getting the scales out, balancing things, and trying to get itexactly right, don't worry about it.

You can take more of a laissez-faire attitude to feedingraw food because of the fact that it's a natural food that your dog would eat in the wild andit wouldn't get fat eating it in the wild.

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