How long after my dogs eat should I take them for a walk or exercise?


hello dog lover my name is Saro I'm a dog trainer and I also coach dog owners in this video I'm going to answer a questionthat I've received from one of my viewers and the question is how longafter my dogs eat should I take them for a walk or exercise a very good questionusually you want to pick the time to take your dog after they have their mealor main meal or big meal maybe two or three hours after they had their mealjust remember that you want to prevent your dog from bloating you need to learnabout bloating I'm gonna link in the description below you can go ahead andread and learn about bloating the other thing is that you want to remember thatmost dogs and animals after they eat they usually don't do much they don'texercise much so you don't need to really focus on the exercising your dogthe main exercise shouldn't be after the meal and the better rule is to focus onproviding your dogs daily five essential needs which are exercise trainingsocialization care and also affection so usually care is when you're feedingyour dog so after care is affection exercise usually is one of the firstthings that you do and then one of the last things that you do is care so thisformula will also repeat three to five times a day hopefully that answers thequestion if you have any question leave those questions in the comment area andI'll answer them in my future videos if you want to become an educated dog loverand have a healthy and happy well behaved dog consider subscribing to mychannel and hit the bell icon as well so youwill get notified as soon as I post my next video until next time have fun withyour dog I just wanted to let you know that my online dog training course isavailable now it's rare you can learn how to train your dog using play andpraise reward system without the use of treat food aversive tools force ordomination to learn more click here if you want to watch another video of mineclick here and if you haven't subscribed to my channel yet click here.

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