Dog’s Ear Cleaning: Best Way To Do It


How to clean dogs ears, hey today we're going to have a small conversation about a dog's ear health and cleaning I hope you will find this video useful A dog's ear should never smell bad if you see and smell the wax in your dog's ears It's time to clean them up pay attention to your dog's ears even more if they have drop ears These kinds of dogs are more prone to ear infection Before starting cleaning prepare cotton balls or gauze and an ear cleaner You can wrap a towel around the neck of your dog.

So the dirt doesn't fall on their fur Squeeze a little bit of ear cleaner into the ear and let it drip down into their ear canal Gently massage the ear.

So the cleaner goes deep inside and breaks the wax and debris if your dog wants to move Let him shake his head.

This will only help gently wipe the outer ear flat Inside the year with a cotton ball clean it thoroughly But don't go deep keep wiping until the cotton balls Come back clean.

If your dog already has an ear infection and needs medication.

You can apply it after the years of clean So that was it.

Take care of your dog's ears and health Please put a thumbs up.

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