Dog Health Treatment & Advice : What Should I Feed My Pregnant Dog?


Hi, I'm Doctor Aimee Beger, I'm a veterinarian.

And we sometimes get the question from clients "What should I feed my pregnant dog?" Whatwe typically tell people is to feed them a high calorie, lower fiber diet.

Make sureit's a very high quality diet.

There are several out there that you can get through your veterinarianor your pet store.

And we do recommend feeding your dog an increased number of meals.

So,if she's used to having breakfast and dinner, maybe add a lunch in there.

About three tofour meals a day is.

Is required to keep her calorie count up and her energy requirementsup to promote happy, healthy puppies.

Another thing that we recommend is to keep them ondaily supplements.

You can add vitamins, you can add omega three fatty acids to your dogsdiet, but typically, if you have them on a high calorie, low fiber, good.

Good qualitydog food, that should be enough.

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