Are Pain Killers Safe for Dogs? (side effects and reducing the risk)


have you done your research what haveyou found Rimadyl is deadly painkillers will definitely make yourdog sick a quick look online is full of horror stories but surely your vet willgive your dog something so dangerous of course not hi I'm dr.

Alex Avery fromourpetshealth.

Com helping you and your dog to live healthier happier livesit makes me so frustrated and sad for their dog when I hear of people who aretoo scared of the side effects they've heard about on the Internet to evenconsider using a drug class that is proven to offer the best chance of apain-free recovery from surgery or the opportunity of an excellent quality oflife free from the debilitating influence of chronic pain the mostcommon painkillers used by vets is a class of drug known as the non-steroidalanti-inflammatory drugs otherwise known as NSAIDs or non-steroidals for short nowthere are many different drugs in this class that are sold under many differentnames today in this video I want to address safety check out my other videoif you want to complete overview of these drugs for now though will theykill your dog well the short answer is clearly no the slightly longer answer isthat all drugs or at least those which actually do anything have side effectsor the potential for side effects now somewhere between three and nine percentof dogs are reported to experience side effects when taking NSAIDs in the vastmajority this is limited to vomiting or diarrhea which is only mild and whichgoes away when the drug is stopped a really tiny proportion will experienceliver or kidney issues and yes a few of this even smaller proportion will provefatal to put this into perspective the majority of patients prescribed thesedrugs for the long term use are elderly now this means that the chance of a few ofthem suffering from an underlying liver or kidney condition or having undetectedcancer or some other illness is pretty high it may be that some of thesepatients were going to die regardless of treatment started with others yes sadlybeing pushed over the edge by their drug treatment now this is obviously tragicfor the individuals involved but it is so important that any horror stories aregiven perspective to give a human example did you know that thereestimated to be about sixteen and a half thousand deaths a year in the u.


dueto aspirin with a further hundred thousand people needinghospitalization in the UK the death toll estimated is around 3000 is this factgoing to stop you taking aspirin when you need it the flip side is thatnon-steroidal anti-inflammatories offer our dogs the very best chance of apain-free life be that recovery from surgery getting over a ligament ormuscular injury or living with arthritis long term in denying your dog the optionof these drugs when they are felt by your vet to be appropriate this is verylikely that your dog will be suffering from pain unnecessarily yes there arealternative pain killers but none of them are proven to work quite as well in dogspain has many detrimental effects it has a massive impact on a dog's quality oflife and it really should not be ignored now of course we don't want to use anydrug irresponsibly and there are a number of actions we can take to reducethe risk of side effects and the first of these is to run some blood tests inolder patients or any patient that is likely to be taking the drug on along-term basis a pretreatment blood sample should be taken and follow-upmonitoring Bloods run as advised by your vet this will help pick up thoseindividuals where there are concerns regarding liver or kidney function ifthis is the case then it may be that an alternative treatment plan is made orthat your pet is monitored more closely to be sure they don't deteriorate now atnumber two is to stop if vomiting or diarrhea develops any dog thatexperiences vomiting or diarrhea should not continue to take the drug or riskthe development of stomach ulcers a few days off treatment will most likelyresult in recovery although your vet may want to give them something to to aid inthis recovery it may be that your dog will then be fine if they start the drugagain after all vomiting and diarrhea it's very common in otherwise healthydogs who are not on any other treatment another option is to switch to adifferent non-steroidal and has been shown that it's very unlikely for apatient to react to two different drugs even though they're in the same classfor those seriously affected or known to have the very sensitive stomach and itmay be that alternative treatments have been explored ok next up is to stop ifyour pet appears depressed becomes unwell or stops eating or drinking ifyour dog is unwell for any other reason if they stop eating or drinking then donot continue to give nonsteroidals the reason for this is that if a dog becomesdehydrated their organs may be under more stressan anti-inflammatory is then more likely to cause damage especially to theirkidneys okay running quickly through the rest of our actions is to not give ahigher dose than your vet has prescribed at number four and at number five do notgive any nonsteroidals at the same time the steroids any other non-steroidalnext we have the fact that you should not give human pain killers unlessspecifically advised by your vet and then at number seven is you shouldalways contact your vet promptly if you have any concerns number eight is to useother management and treatment strategies for arthritis and otherchronic pain conditions and this will allow us to reduce the dose ofnonsteroidals needed to keep your pets pain-free finally for any pet who is onpain killers following surgery or an injury make sure you follow your vet'sinstructions fully to minimize pain and inflammation and so allow a shorter courseor a lower dose of medication to be used if we follow these recommendations wecan make sure that our dogs are really unlikely to experience any significantside-effects while at the same time they will be as pain-free as possibledon't be the owner who condemns their pet to suffer in silence when there isanother way be sensible yes don't use any drugs inappropriatelyof course but at the same time don't ignore pain you owe that to your dog nowI expect anyone whose dog may have had side effects to comment and no thisvideo has not been sponsored by anyone please though let me know howpainkillers have helped your dog to live a healthier happier life and how theirquality of life has been improved and what you've noticed that improvement tobe I would really love to hear from you also if it's your first time hereconsider subscribing to make sure that you don't miss out on any future contentand allow me to continue to help you and your pet to live a healthier happierlife so until next time i'm dr.

alex from our pets health because they'refamily.

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